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Learning resources for Chinese international students in American high schools and American teachers teaching Chinese students



EdPassport covers everything you need to know about education in China and in the U.S., effective English learning methods, other frequently asked questions, and interviews from Chinese international students and American teachers.

Why are education and English the most important topics?

The introduction to education can help you understand the most important differences regarding the college application process, people's mindset, school norms, classroom dynamics, etc.

English is a common challenge international students face in the U.S.. Trying to write and speak like native speakers and use the language for academic purposes can be difficult. One of the focuses of this website is to introduce helpful methods for international students to learn the language using online resources without extensive help from teachers and helps American teachers understand what difficulties Chinese students are facing.




Education systems and people’s attitudes toward education are very different in China and in the United States. This section explains the background of Chinese international students, why Chinese students choose to study abroad, differences between Chinese and American high schools, differences in college application processes, people’s attitude towards education, and differences in courses taught at school.

English Learning

Excelling in English can greatly help international students to succeed both academically and socially, yet learning a new language and trying to speak English as fluently as native speakers can be a big challenge, especially for those who do not have access to professional training. This section provides explanations of common language challenges that international students face, methods to improve English listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills, and resources that international students can use to improve their English speaking skills on their own.


This section includes results from interviewing students and teachers.


This section covers all the remaining unanswered questions about American high school life and Chinese students' background, including how to open a locker, how to pronounce a Chinese students' name, athletics, cultures, politics, race, etc.

About Us

This section explains why this project is created.


This section introduces the people and resources that helped to make the website.