How to Make Friends with American Students?

Making friends in the United States might seem hard, especially if you have no prior experiences. Here are some tips:

  1. Remember that you don’t have to make American friends. It is great to make friends, but don’t make it  a task you are required to do. Keeping this in mind, you will not rush to talk to someone when you arrive at a new school just to complete the task of making friends or just to make yourself less awkward. It should be a natural things. Just as you have “your people” at your school in China, you will find your people at your new school. And before then, it is fine to be alone.

  2. Remember that Americans are also humans. Think about how you would make friends in China, and a lot of rules apply here. For example, helping people around you or having a smile on your face is always helpful.

  3. Don’t be afraid to talk to people because you are worried about your English skills or your knowledge about American culture. Your classmates will be aware that you have a different background. When you talk to a foreigner, you would not expect them to speak perfect Chinese. You would not laugh at them because they don’t know Chinese history. It is helpful and interesting to practice English or learn more about the culture, but don’t let these things stop you making friends.

  4. Show your strengths or talents. You might be a talented dancer, singer, athlete, pianist, artist, etc. Show them in the school talent show or in classroom, and people will be interested in learning more.

  5. In China, a lot of conversations with friends might center around grades and college applications. Although your American peers care about them, these topics are not the most popular ones in conversations. They might be interested in athletics, makeup, clothing, things happening in the school, food, etc.